Did you know that Realtors who use professional photographers get more money for their sellers?

There have been a number of studies done on this. The latest is a study done by a company called REDFIN( Real Estate Redefined). This study stated that houses that the Realtor hired a professional photographert for sold sold faster and for an average of $3400 to $11,200 more money.  You may ask, "How can that be. The house doesn't change". However, there is an old adage in our business that is still true today, "Sale Price = Exposure". Think of an auction with your house and 1000 other houses for sale and only 3 people in the audience. Your house is worthless. Conversely, think of your house with 2 others and 1000 people in the audience. The latter situation would undoubtedly get more money for your home than the former situation. When people look at a home on line that is portrayed as best as it possible can be with professional photographs they are more likely to want to see it. This means more showings, more exposure, more money. By the way, just for the record, we at Century 21 Executives are the only company that has a full time professional photographer on staff. I just thought I would throw that in. If you are looking to buy take advantage of our computerized home finder system. If you are looking to sell call me for a computerized market evaluation. It's free with no obligation. 

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