Did you know that a home inspection can save you a fortune?

In My business, every offer I write has a home inspection clause built right into it. We can take it out when our buyers demand it but it is highly recommended to leave it in. Home inspectors are highly trained to find things that cannot be found under a reasonable inspection of the property. They have devices that can find moisture behind walls and mold in the attics and asbestos in the insulation or taping materials. They can find insect infestation when you can't see the little critters with the naked eye. In our business buyers make an offer based on what they can see. The roof, the furnace and the water heater may be old but the seller has to make sure they work on closing. This is a s far as the seller's obligation goes. A home inspection is designed to find the things that you cannot see. These are called, "Latent Defects". In my Real Estate practice I make it a standard policy to do a home inspection for both my buyers and sellers peace of mind. My buyers know what they are buying and my sellers know nothing is going to pop up to cause problems after the sale completes. 

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