Did you know that it's a seller's market?

Actually it is a strong seller's market. That means that sellers are dictating to buyers. Many buyers are getting frustrated. Buyers are putting in good offers and sellers and their Realtors are saying that they will wait for other offers before they respond. We have seen sellers receive full price offers and they cancel their listing and relist at a higher price. Realtors tell their buyers that they must offer high, and buyers view this as self serving and lose in competition and lose their dream home; in some cases multiple times. Some sales are going for 10 or 20 thousand above list price. There are 3 points that buyers should pay attention to. First, 4 years ago buyers were dictating to sellers and writing low offers and walking away if the seller did not take it. Second, every seller selling now is likely leaving money on the table for the buyer because the house will likely be worth more in 6 months. And finally It is the seller's Realtor's job to manipulate the situation within the rules and laws of the real Estate business to get the seller the best price and terms. In these volitile times it is highly beneficial to both buyers and sellers to have the best trained Realtor representing you to get the best results possible. Century 21 has been the top rated Real Estate company for training 10 out of the last 12 years in Training Magazine. Put the best in your corner. 

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