Did you know that one of the biggest advantages to using a Realtor is their insurance?

It's true. It is mandatory that every Realtor licensed in the province of BC has what the call Errors and Omissions Insurance. Real Estate is one of the most tightly controlled industries in the country. There is all kinds of mandatory education and rules and laws and bylaws to follow. However, everyone makes mistakes. Our industry has set it up so that if a Realtor makes a mistake that is proven to cost a customer money our insurance is there to make the mistake right. When we are dealing with high end products like homes sometimes those mistakes can be costly. We had a case last year where it was a $35,000 mistake. If a Realtor was not involved either the buyer or sellers would have had to pay that. It's funny how no one would dream of driving a car without insurance but it seems acceptable to some to buy a house without it. 

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