Did you know that there are more homes to look at than what you see on www.realtor.ca?

Good Realtors know that in order to make sure they cover all the bases and at least consider all possible houses that meet their buyer's needs they must look in multiple places. First, they look in our own MLS System. This is a system that has many more listings than what is on Realtor.ca. For instance, what about listings that have expired and are no longer on the market but the sellers still want to sell. What about all the different houses that are listed on For Sale by Owner sites. Almost all For Sale by Owner sellers will pay a Realtor a commission if they bring them a good offer. What about the people that are just finishing a renovation or are waiting till spring and they are not listed yet but they would sell if someone brought them a good offer. Many times Realtors find buyers by talking to other Realtors about what they call, "Pocket Listings" coming up. What if your perfect home was out there waiting for you but you missed it because the only place you looked was realtor.ca. And how much does it cost a buyer to get a good Okanagan Realtor to search all of these sources that are not available to the public? Absolutely nothing.

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