Did you know we speak multiple languages?

That's just a little tongue and cheek. However, our global site does speak multiple languages. In the Okanagan Shuswap Real Estate market it is more important to market your property to the entire world than many other ares. Primarily because we are one of the most popular destinations to move to on the planet. So how can we market your home to people who do not speak English? Enter www.century21global.com This is a website that has language translation capabilities for languages all over the world. If someone in China is interested in your property and it is on our global site they will ask their questions in Chinese. I receive those questions and answer them in English. He receives my answers in Chinese. The website automatically translates the conversation back and forth. This is called "Multiple Language Interchange".  This is a way we can effectively market your property all over the world and it is exclusive to Century 21. Just another way that you get what you pay for with Century 21. 

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