Enderby Real Estate Beginning to Move

It seems that the smaller the center the harder their Real Estate Market is hit in a recession. Very often the smaller centers are the first to slow down and the last to pick up. The Real Estate market in Enderby in the interior of British Columbia is finally starting to show some signs of recovery. As of today's date, July 23, 2012, there have been 78 Real Estate sales in the Enderby market in the last 12 months. This is up 11 from the same period the year before. That doesn;t seem like much but it is a 16% increase in sales activity. The rest of the Okanagan, Shuswap is responding the same way. Buyers are starting to get the idea that the market has bottomed out and is on it's way back up. Buyer confidence is the most powerful force that drives the market in any direction. This confidence is largely driven by the press and even the press is getting the idea. What that translates to is it is a great time to buy in Enderby british Columbia if you like the small town feel.

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