FREE Downpayment - That is not a typo!!

Tell me if this is you - you have a job, your credit rating is decent and you qualify for a mortgage (or you think you probably will) BUT you don't have much money and even though you keep trying to save and save you just can't seem to get that pool of money built up enough... but you really want to get into the housing market and buy a property? 

I want you to check out a website:  Project Build  You are going to find out about a unique opportunity to buy a brand new home and your downpayment will be gifted to you.  I don't have to put gift in quotation marks because it truly is a gift! You don't ever have to pay it back, it is yours to keep.  This is not subsidized housing, this is not a government program, this is not a first time homebuyer program.  

So, what's the catch?  There is no catch BUT you do have to qualify for the mortgage, you do have to pay your own closing costs, you do have to be approved by Project Build and you do have to take a financial literacy course (fear not, it is done on line, has a ton of great information and best of all, there is no test!!).  The money for your down payment is FREE!!  This is very cool and worthy of your time to check out.  


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