Financing - Check out this cool app!

Happy Spring everyone!!

I just downloaded a great little app on to my phone.  It is called CanadianMortgageApp.  It is a fill in the blank mortgage calculator that instantly tells you how much down payment you will need depending on how much house you are purchasing.  It includes things like rental income (if you plan to rent out a basement suite), taxes, and Land Transfer Tax.  I thought it was a very helpful little app.  You can also click on "Connect with a Local Expert" which will list a whole bunch of experts in your area that could help you.  

Of course there is no substitute for sitting down with a mortgage specialist.  They know exactly what paperwork and verification you will need to be approved for your financing but this little app is helpful when you are driving around and see a listing that you wonder if you could afford.  Check it out!

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