First Week Back as a Realtor

Enderby is where I live and work. 

I fell in love with the Shuswap River on vacation over ten years ago.  So I moved here with my son, and never regretted it once. I like the fact that it is such a diverse community with something to offer to a wide range of tastes.

I own a business in town which is up and running on its own now and since my long term staff "Brittany" really didn't need me anymore, I knew I had to get a job!  Back to real estate....I loved it and now that I am back at it after a few years off, I remember how much fun I had doing this, but this time there is a twist.  I came back to work as a licenced assistant in the head office in Vernon with a wide range of duties including some real estate functions.  So real estate will be my part time position. 

i spent a lot of time this week thinking how to showcase the Okanagan  and area to clients, to help them make a decision on whether to move here or not.  I actually ended up learning a few things myself.

In order to help clients buy or sell their homes, I believe that you have to believe in your community and what it stands for....I can actually say I am passionate about the Okanagan and the people here, so I am finding it easy to tell visitors about the area and how wonderful it is to live here...

The Okanagan has a wide range of recreation and activies, from slo-pitch, hockey, curling, paddling, hiking, skiing and the list goes on.  I myself, have curled, skiied, snowshoed, played ball, hiked, paddled and tubed down the river in the summer and it seems like I never run out of things to do. 

Good things happen in the Okanagan







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