Heritage Register

We recently listed a commercial building in Vernon that is registered in the Vernon Heritage Register. Not knowing too much about the Register we attended at City Hall and learned that there are monetary incentives available to properties listed in the Register. The first incentive is in place to encourage the restoration and preservation of the exterior of the heritage building and is the Heritage Restoration Grant Program.

Grants will not exceed 50% of the costs of the work done on a building listed in the Register. The owner of the property may apply for a grant to a maximum of $5,000.00. A second grant may be awarded which will not exceed $3,000.00 and will not be awarded within 5 years of the first grant.

The second grant available is the Heritage Retention Incentive Grant which offers an annual grant to a maximum of $500.00. This grant is in recognition of the fact there can be more costs associated with owning a heritage building.

Eligible works to the exterior of the building includes painting, repairs and restoration and work to structures and landscaping on the property.

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