How can we help YOU today? And some other commonly asked questions...

Are you interested in listing your home?

The Vassberg team offers a FREE, NO OBLIGATION, Market Analysis of your home! Give us a call today and let us show you everything the Vassberg Team has to offer. From our in depth world wide marketing to our personilized customer service you won't be disappointed.

Are you interested in Buying a home today?

The Vassberg team works for YOU. With hard work and dedication we will find you the home of your dreams! Both Karin and Michael pride themselves on getting to know their clients on a personal level to better serve them and their needs. We can help take the stress and worry of searching for homes off your shoulders to make your first or tenth real estate transaction as stress free as possible.

Are you looking to buysell in the future but not quite ready?

Give Karin or Michael a call today to sit down and talk about the market and current trends to help you in this big decision making process. We will meet with you on YOUR time to talk about options and steps you will need to take as part of the process.

First time home buyer?

The Vassberg Team would love to help guide you today! This can be a very stressful situation for you and you may be uninformed about the process. We would love to meet with you and prepare you to enter the market place! We can reccomend the best professionals in the buisiness to also assist you in purchasing a home today. Feel free to call Karin and Michael for a no obligation meeting today!

Do you want to stay informed with the Market?

We would love to keep you informed by having you sign up for our newsletter! Once a month we send out an E-Newsletter (Yay! Paperless!) wich includes the Vassberg Teams 'Hot' properties, New or important mortgage information, contact information for professionals we work with, and a nice recipe of the month! You can sign up via The Vassberg Teams Century 21 Website or by emailing us today!

In Conclusion...

Both Karin and Michael are dedicated to the highest level o

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