​Is it Time to sell snowbird properties?

With the Canadian dollar reaching such a low level, is it time to sell US snowbird properties? Real estate prices have risen throughout the United States, including the most popular states us Canadians like to flock to – Arizona, Florida, Nevada and California.  So combine the increased market value with the 25% difference in the dollar and selling is a profitable choice.  

What to do with that profit?  If you follow the buy low, sell high theory, buying recreational property in the Okanagan is a fabulous choice.  Your timing is great with prices still down significantly from 2008.  With oil prices dropping, the pressure to keep recreational property prices lower is there. If you haven't yet discovered the Okanagan playground - know that there are beautiful lakes, ski resorts, wineries, golf courses, hiking and biking trails, with an international airport 30 minutes from most recreational locations.  

For information on recreation property options, contact me today.  From lakefront homes, ski chalets or golf course condo's, the Okanagan has amazing options to match your interests.   Carla Dahlen 250-938-0421   or carla@carladahlen.com

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