Is now a good time to get your Real Estate License in the Okanagan

I know this will sound a little inflated but it is probably the best time in at least 10 years to get your Real Estate license in the Okanagan Valley in the interior of British Columbia. There is a huge misconception that when the market is hot is when to get your license. In actual fact that is the worst time. The reason is that selling Real Estate when the market is hot, like it was in 2005 to 2007, creates a false sense of reality for the Realtor. In other words they thiink it is easy and a license to print money. When the market goes into the downward part of the cycle Realtors who came in at the peak have created habits and systems, or lack thereof, that conform with a boom market. They don't know how to dig for their gold; they are too use to it just lying on top of the ground. The best time to bring a Realtor into the market is right at the very end of the downard part of the cycle; exactly where we are now. They learn the simple fundamentals and habits that it takes to be successful in this business and they set up solid systems to service their clients professionally. When the market starts to rise again they are positioned idealy to take full advantage of the increased busines while never forgetting the fundamentals they learned when it was slow. We at Century 21 in the Okanagan Valley are the leaders in training and tools in our industry. Call me if you have ever been interested in this great business and we can get together to discuss it and answer all your questions.

Bill Hubbard 

Cell: 250-550-4221

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