Kelowna has the lowest unemployment rate in the country...


Stats Canada has put Kelowna's unemployment rate at 4.1 %. That is the lowest in the country. You would think this was an announcement from 2006 or 2007 but no it was in the Kelowna Courior on September 8, 2012. The only cities with rates almost that low are Regina at 4.2 per cent, Edmonton, with 4.5, and Guelph, and Calgary, both at 4.6. The Thompson-Okanagan's 4.7 per cent also puts it among the best in the country, with a jobless rate below the magical five-per-cent mark. Five per cent is considered by many to be full employment, because those who remain without jobs in such buoyant times are either going to find a job very soon or have barriers to finding work, such as no skills, mental or physical disabilities, or difficult home and/or personal situations. This also follows one of the busiest summers for tourism in Kelowna's history. Visitors arrived in droves both by car and plane. Kelowna International Airport's August is said to be record breaking and filled up hotels. All that activity requires employers to hire. And it's not just companies in the hospitality field that were adding workers. The ripple effect of a strong tourism season means all the companies that supply tourism operators, from food wholesalers and landscapers to accountants and lawyers, are busier and have to hire. For us in the Real Estate business in the Okanagan Shuswap this all means that there or more happy homebuyers coming to the table.


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