Launching Strictly Commercial for the North Okanagan.

A while back, Bill Hubbard and a few Vernon Realtors operated under the Strictly Commercial banner - and with Bill's blessing - we are reactivating the name to bring forth a forum for information and conversation about current, ongoing, upcoming or proposed real estate developments in the Regional District of the North Okanagan, and Vernon BC.

We'd like this to become a community forum - a place you can come to ask questions, find answers, have a say and be in the know about what is going on in your community. If you'd like to see that happen, heres how you can help:

  • Contact us with your questions - topics you'd like to see brought forward

  • Comment on what you see presented (respectfully- of course)

  • Understand that all perspectives are welcome (respectfully- of course)

  • Let us know what you know - or what you are hearing so we can run it to the ground and present the information

  • Check back often and see what is new!


Warmest regards,


from Strictly Commercial @ Century 21 Executives Realty Ltd Vernon BC

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