March Real Estate statistics are following suit in the Okanagan Shuswap area

The market continues to slow slightly. Overall sales are down in the Okanagan Shuswap Real Estate market about 8% over the same period last year. This drop will likely be made up as the spring market heats up and  consumers get comfortable with paying the GST instead of the HST. Our prediction is that the market would end up as relatively flat with a possible slight rise in activity in 2013. Investing in Real Estate is about equity and cash flow. There are four ways to make money investing in Real Estate. First, by adding value to your investment. In other wrods renovating and upgrading. Second by having someone else decrease your debt as in a  renter paying down your mortgage. Third, is positive cash flow. Prices have to be low enough for rental payments to service the debt and expenses. And lastly by the market increasing and thus increasing the value of your investment. This last method is the most risky of all 4. It becomes less risky the longer you hold your investment property because historically Real Estate has always increased over the long term. The Okanagan Shuswap market rose to a point in 2007 to where it was virtually impossible to buy a residential investment property that actually showed a positive cashflow with a minimum down payment of 25%. However, our area has now reached a stage where you can buy properties with a 25% downpayment and the rental income will service the debt and have a positive cash flow. For this reason we are now seeing residential Real Estate investors coming back to the market. Also for this reason it is a great time to buy an investment property yourself. 

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