New Restaurants Mean New Buyers?

New Restaurants Mean New Buyers?

The culinary industry in Armstrong and Vernon seems to be picking up with the opening of three new restaurants in the past month.  Tanuki Sushi house just opened last month in the Armstrong area.  Azteca, a restaurant for those lovers of fine Mexican cuisine, opened up on Highway 6 beside Tim Hortons.  And for people in search of authentic Vietnamese cooking, Pho Sate opened on 33rd street only minutes away from the East Hill Neighborhood.

Does this plethora of new restaurants mark a change in Vernon’s economy?

We’ve already seen housing sales on the rise in Vernon, British Columbia, since last year at this time.  More restaurants must mark a rise, even ever so slightly, in consumer confidence and spending in the area.

So the question is how do these restaurants compare to those established restaurants in the area?  And are any of them good enough to warrant selling your home and moving to the Vernon or Armstrong areas?

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