No problem, I got a guy!

In my previous lives of employment, before real estate, I often needed to find stuff and skills for various people. These skills were leaned upon on a regular basis. If I didn’t have the widget or the person to get the task done, I'd better find it or them now! Today, in the world of real estate, I find that the more things change, the more they stay same...and I love it!

Consider a first time home buyer:

Do they know where to start? I do!

Do they have mortgage specialists to determine what they can afford? I do!

Do they have a list of home inspectors to call? I do!

Do you see a pattern here? Whatever you need, I can help!

Buying that new house might require some special experts. John Deak of Century 21 has all the connections to find the experts you need. Just as it is important to know what type of house is available and fits the buyer’s needs and wishes, it is important to know the right people to make the dream happen.

With so many variables when you purchase a home, you need access to a large variety of skillsets to get the answers to the inevitable questions.

I can answer a lot of the questions that come up, but often you need an expert's opinion. That's why I have a list of engineering, inspection, trades, service, financial, and legal professionals that I can call or connect with my client for the answers.

The next time you need it done right, give me a call...

I got guys and gals for that!

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