Pick your Place to Search for a Home

You're looking to buy a property and you start your search online. Before you know it you're on Kijiji, Craigslist, Point2Homes, Homes and Lands, Ok Homeseller, Property Guys, Century 21, Remax, Sutton, Royal Lepage, Comfree, Castanet, Land Watch and a plethora of sites created by agents to get you to click on their page.

Let's face it though - it's fun! The late night search for a couple of hours has led you all over the place to all kinds of properties. Some you would actually buy to ones that you never would but you've begun the search and are excited for the process.

How do you know though that you are finding everything that is available? Is there a website you haven't yet found that has THE property for sale on it? Your search can easily turn from fun to frustrating. So, here are some tips on where to go and how it all works:

First, nearly all properties that are for sale are listed with a real estate agent. If they aren't listed with a real estate agent, then they are a For Sale by Owner or FSBO. ALL properties listed with a real estate agent will FIRST be on www.realtor.ca. From there, the agent will have it on a number of other sites like their office website, their personal website and on various classified websites. The very property you are searching for on Kijiji, if listed with a real estate agent will be on realtor.ca.

In fact, the FSBO properties have a chance of being on realtor.ca too, making it the first and most reliable place to search for a property. Due to a 2010 ruling by the Competition Bureau, companies such as Property Guys can advertise a FSBO property on realtor.ca.

If you think about what is not on realtor.ca, it can help you with your search. The only properties NOT on realtor.ca are those where the sellers who prefer the For Sale By Owner model and who are not using the services of a FSBO company (like Property Guys) to post their property will not be on realtor.ca. The only properties you need to search for outside of realtor.ca are the FSBO sites and the classified sites.

Now that I've cut your search time down by half, the only question that remains is what will you do with all that extra time?


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