Wonder where the buyer's and seller's are coming from?  What is going on in Vernon, Kelowna and Shuswap areas? 

Stats for September

Property Type:

27.6% of purchases were by move-up buyers (maintaining - 26.6% in August)

21.2% by First Time Buyers (up from August)

15.4% purchasing Recreation Property (maintaining - 15.3% in August)

10.3% moving from Single Family Home to Strata unit (up from August) 7.1% buying Revenue/Investment Property

3.2% moving into Retirement Home/seniors community 2.6% moving from Strata

*During the month of September, there was a noticeable jump in sales to First Time buyers & to Purchasers of Strata Units.


50.9% from within Okanagan Board  21.4% from Alberta (up from August)

10.7% from Lower Mainland/Vancouver (up from August)  6.9% from other areas in BC (up from August)

6.3% from Sask/Man (up from August)  1.9% from outside Canada

compared to August, there was more migration from Alberta, the Lower Mainland/Vancouver Island, other areas of BC & Sask/Manitoba

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