Rounding the final bend!!

This will be a short little post!  If you are hoping to sell your property in 2014, you pretty much have four to six weeks left, depending on when the snow flies in your location.  Once there is snow and winter boots and snow tires to deal with, most buyers put  buying a home on the back burner and start baking Christmas cookies until the new year. 

My suggestion:  If you really want a sale this year, do one last price reduction, the biggest you can handle and see what happens over the next month.  Chances are you will get some new interest, some showings and hopefully an offer.  If you do not get a sale by the 20th of December, I would cancel your listing, start drinking eggnog and relist on January 15th. People DO buy houses in November and the first couple of weeks of December, but not many!

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