The Numbers Update - what homes have sold in the Mission Hill area of Vernon, BC lately?

We're always fascinated by numbers and after looking at some recent reports and statistics of late, we thought we would share a few interesting facts and figures with you this week with a spotlight on Mission Hill area residential homes of Vernon, British Columbia.

Mission Hill- The area bounded by 32nd Street, the south side of Vernon Creek, along Okanagan Avenue to Bellevue Drive and South to the Commonage. Mission Hill consists of single-family dwellings (many with suites), duplexes and some apartments. Some properties are on secluded cul-de-sacs and quiet streets and some have city and lakeviews. Mission Hill is close to the Vernon Jubilee Hospital and within walking distance of downtown and there is a good elementary school in the area.

 Misssion Hill residential homes in the spotlight for the months of September and October, 2014:

Median House Price:                        $291,693.00

Average days on market:                 72 days

Currently available for sale in Coldstream   34

Highest price paid for a property in Mission Hill in September and October of 2014: $436,550.00

Lowest price paid for a property in Mission Hill in September and October of 2014:  $210,500.0

Keep checking this space for more reports on what properties have sold and what homes are for sale in the city of Vernon and it's surrounds, in the beautiful North Okanagan.

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