Way out in front!

I just bought a Samsung Galaxy 3.  Getting here was quite painful!  I came from an HTC which was over 3 years old and desperately needed updating.  All around me are iphone groupies.  My daughter used to have an iphone but last year switched to the Galaxy 2 and loves it.  Everyone else I know is iphone all the way.  iphone vs Samsung...back and forth, leaning one way, then the other, it was a big decision!

The day I finally decided to go and get my iphone, my brother (the biggest iphone disciple of them all) showed up at a meeting with the Galaxy expressing his new love and adoration for all things Samsung!!  Drats, back to indecision.  I decided to go to the Bell store and see what they had.  Long story, I ended up with a new Galaxy 3 and boy am I LOVING it.  

The screen is large.  At 53 I hate to say it but this is #1 for me.  I hardly ever searched the net on my HTC because I just couldn't see the pages and expanding them just made for a lot of shifting around as you read.  Galaxy is big!  I am downloading apps like never before and basically shifting most of the paper out of my life on to my phone. This is huge for me because I love my paper!  I found a great budget program called EEBA which uses envelopes to keep track of your spending, an idea I have used for years but it actually required physical paper envelopes in the past.  I love it on my phone.  I found Any DO which I am using as my to do list to get things done.  Our Groceries is keeping track of my food shopping and Noom is keeping track of my eating.  I am still researching so there may be better programs out there but for now this is where I am starting.  

Normally I am very slow to change my technology which usually leaves me way behind everyone else  but a new laptop and a new phone in 2012, has me sprinting out in front for a change.  I will keep you posted on new and exciting apps I find. 

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