What Should I Do To My House if I'm Going To Sell?

If you are a do-it-yourselfer and want to do some upgrades before you list your house for sale, then here are some inexpensive tips that will give you the most bang for your buck!

Number 1, most important thing to do is have these jobs done BEFORE the realtor comes in to take the photos that will be posted all over the interent and any advertising material!  You want to showcase your hardwork to everyone!

PAINT - Paint that is neutral in colour or in modern shades usually presents the best. While this may vary from region to region, clean paint that looks crisp and professionally done always makes a big difference in marketing a home. Make sure you pay attention to detail and preparation so that the finished job looks great! Oh and keep a record of the colours you used in case the new owners want the names.


CARPET - If the carpet is really worn out, often in high traffic areas, is very dirty, or  extremely outdated in style, it's a real downer to prospective buyers. Buyers expect the flooring to be in good condition unless they are looking for a fixer-upper.. The prospect of having to replace flooring is seen as a huge expense to the potential buyer. If you replace the carpeting, you won't want to go with anything too dark, too light or too colorful, try to stay neutral.  If the carpet is not worn, and is a good color, definitely clean them professionally if you can. Here's a tip, if replacing, use the highest quality pad you can afford!          


SMELLS - No matter how great you make the place look, if it smells like cigarettes, pet odors or strong spices, it will be a big turn off for the buyers.  Ionic air filtration systems can remove even the strongest smells, and renting one of these for a few hundred dollars will be a great investment for some home sellers. Get a friend or family member to come in and give an honest opinion of how the place smells to avoid overlooking this selling obstical.


LIGHTING - Take a walk around your home both during the day and at night with all the lights on. Do you have an old light fitting that would attract comments like, "Wow, check out that weird old light!" If so, then for a little investment you can get some pretty nice fixtures at your local hardware store or in the big box stores. Switch that old light out! It makes the home feel so much more modern and with the right watt bulb can shed some much needed light!


.CLEANING - OK so now you have great lighting, great paint, great carpet.....ummmm are there dust bunnies and cobwebs everywhere else? Is the Kitchen full of grease, dead insects, and crumbs? Can you see out of the windows, or have you even pulled back the curtains lately? Get busy and spring clean even if it's not spring! If you can declutter at the same time so much the better! Make the prospective buyers see that you have looked after this house well and that they are getting value for money if they buy it.


There you have it! If you want people to buy your house, you have to make people WANT to buy your house! A little work and planning can go a long way to helping you achieve the outcome you are after. BE HOUSE PROUD! and don't be afraid to show it! What's stopping you from making your home look its best? Now go and get started....!

The Don Miller Group

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