Who is Buying Real Estate In Vernon BC?


Are you curious who bought that house on your street that was for sale? Maybe you want to know why homes are selling again so quickly? Below is a survey of new home buyers for our area of the Okanagan for the month of August 2013...........keep checking back here to my blog page for my update each time a new survey is published!


Property Type:

25.4% of purchases were by Move-Up Buyers (up from 22.8% in July)

17.3% by First Time Buyers (down from July at 17.9%0

13.5% moving from Single Family Home to Strata Unit  (up from 9.8% last month)

3.5% moving from Strata property to Single Family Home! (down from 5.7% last month)

8.5% buying Investment Property (down from 11% in July)

11.2% purchasing Recreation Property (up from 10.8% last month)

6.5% moving into Retirement Home/Seniors Community (up from 4.5% in July)

Buyer Type (Family Dynamic):

25.3% Two Parent Family/Children

20.1% Empty Nesters/Retired

23.4% Couple without Children

13.8% Single Female

11.2% Single Male

4.5% Single Parent with Children

Moving From:

50.7% from Within our area

21.6% from Alberta

9% from Lower Mainland/Vancouver Island

10.8% from Other Areas in BC

1.5% from Eastern Canada/Maritimes

3.4% from Saskatchewan/Manitoba

1.1% from OutsideCanada

1.9% from NWT/Yukon

*** Compared to July, there were more buyers moving from Alberta, other areas of BC, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and the Northwest Territories and Yukon, but less movement from within the Board area and fewer purchasers from the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island, Eastern Canada and the Maritimes, and from outside Canada during August. 

 Well that's the breakdown folks! It looks like people are still staying in the area and who wouldn't? The Okanagan is a beautiful part of the world! Just ask all those people who were vacationing here this summer! We are the lucky ones, we live here all year!   ....'till next time



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