Why Has Your Listing NOT SOLD?

One Reason why your property hasn't sold.

Your property hasn't sold because your photos are "terrible".Yep, this is an actual photo from MLS, predictably it's been on the market for quite a while.  All of the photos are this quality.

The vast majority of home buyers begin their search for a home on the internet, so your property had better look fantastic in print. Not just nice, it has to look downright fabulous.  Today an internet view is considered the same as a 'virtual showing'... if your house gets past the first virtual showing, then they might(just might) make an appointment to see it in person... You should really consider that your SECOND showing. Today's online viewers are expecting good quality photos (and lots of them...the picture to the right ... yep, that's a really ugly, dirty and apparently wet basement. Can't you smell it from the photo?  That's a $300,000 listing... yuck.)


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