Yes, spring is REALLY here!

So everyone is wondering, "Is spring really here or is this nice weather just drawing us in and will suddenly change to snow again?"  I will give you the answer.  Yesterday, even though there were two mini blizzards out there, I brought my 2 motorcycles home from storage.  Folks, spring is here!!

January and February were slow months.  I think all the snow in January actually turned a four week month into a three week month so the stats were altered but I also found February to be slow.  Certainly the same cannot be said about March.  We are only three days in and I am swamped in work.  I guess the Spring market is really here.  

If you have been trying to buy a property and not been able to find the right one, relax!  A whole bunch of new listings are about to hit the market.

If you have been thinking of selling, sitting on the fence as to when is a good time, let me help.  NOW is the time to get your property listed.  By the end of March, the market will be loaded with lots of new listings and the competition will be much higher.  Do it NOW!

Well I am off to put on all my gear and go for my first little ride.  Happy Spring everyone!

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