VISION 25…a system of services provided exclusively by Century 21 in the Okanagan…designed to help realtors provide a higher level of services to a higher number of customers.  Realtors on VISION 25 spend less time in front of their computers and more time with their customers. 

Benefits to realtors include…

Your business is up and running almost instantly!

To start, we provide you with:

A fully optimized website, active the day you start

  • In house computer and technical support
  • Web based business tools, including a database management system
  • Personalized and professionally branded marketing material, at your fingertips.


You are also equipped with advanced Listing Tools:

  • Drop documents for listing appointments
  • A personalized listing presentation – both electronic and paper
  • Professional photography for all your listings
  • Full color, personalized and branded brochures
  • We install your lock box
  • We supply and install a sign…including an address topper directing traffic to a custom URL on your personal Century 21 website
  • We provide social media marketing, advertising your listings on
    • Kijiji
    • Craigslist
    • Castanet
    • Facebook
    • U-tube

It’s like having a personal assistant...FREE

The information from Matrix is automatically transfered to your personal website

We contact your clients to notify when their listing has been marketed via social media and provide links for their reference.


To add even more value...we help you stay in touch with all you clients,

We send a monthly, personalized newsletter to your entire client list, and all responses come directly to you.


The results of VISION 25 are plain to see…on average, realtors on VISION 25 are 25% more productive than realtors not on the program.  VISION 25 is only available at Century 21 in the Okanagan…join our team today! 

Find out how you can benefit from VISION 25, contact Derryanne Hubbard at or phone 250-306-9749.