Did you know that a violent death in a home does not have to be disclosed?

There has been a new case recently that clarifies the law on this issue.  A BC Court of Appeal decision turned over a previous verdict that stated that a violent death needs to be disclosed by the seller and the seller's Realtor. The court found that they did not want to decide where the line is with stigmatized properties. What if there was a divorce or abuse in the house? Does that need to be disclosed? The seller or the seller's Realtor cannot lie when specific questions are asked but they do not have to volunteer the information. This is another item in a very long list of reasons why it is important to use a well trained, professional Realtor to handle your Real Estate needs. Someone who has the training to know what specific questions to ask. (This commentary is not intended to be legal advice and opinions should be clarified by a lawyer before reliance) 

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