Did you know we won't be able to sell your house?

It sounds bizarre. However, on June 15 the government is changing how we and you buy and sell Real Estate. When we advertise your house for sale and someone calls us we must advise them to use another REALTOR. You hire us to sell your home and we will not be able to do that directly. Most sellers expect their REALTOR to go out and find a buyer. We really won't be able to do this without getting someone else involved after June 15. We would have to advertise to find a buyer and them give them to another REALTOR. We can treat them as an unrepresented party but the way the law is changing it will be very risky for the buyer. Also if you have a relationship with a REALTOR and you want to buy one of his or her Listings the government is going to force you to use someone else. Why would the government do this? In their minds it is to fix a problem with the REALTORS dealing with both the buyers and sellers. How big of a problem is this? Less than 1/10 of 1 % of the the deals in British Columbia last year had problems with Agency. So the government is making a major change to the way the entire province sells Real Estate  sending the message to consumers that they are too stupid to make an informed decision to fix a problem that is almost non-existent. Seems logical. 

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