Did you know what causes more problems than anything else in the Real Estate Business?

Manufactured homes and the electrical compliance of these homes create more problems than any other issue in our business. A manufactured home is any home built in a factory and either moved to or assembled on site. When the home leaves the factory it is inspected and given an electrical safety label. Here is the hard part; if anything at all with regards to the electrical system is changed, including changing a light fixture, after that moment then the electrical label must be upgraded. That means that the additional work has to be done under an electrical permit or the home has to be re-inspected. If you are asking yourself whether you need a permit to change a light fixture the answer is yes. There are many more complications to this law than this but these are the basics. For more information call your Century 21 Realtor. Each Century 21 Realtor in the Okanagan Shuswap has been intricately trained in this troublesome area. 

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