Will Real Estate Agents disappear?

I read 2 different articles in the last week each stating the opposite. One was titled, "The days of a Realtor are numbered" the other was titled, "Don't expect Real Estate agents to disappear anytime soon". I always find it funny how people make blind statements and really have no evidence, credibility or competence in the area that they are commenting on. Anyone whoever claims that the vocation of a realtor is going to go away in the near future has obviously never been licensed or at least has not been licensed for a long. There is incredible value brought to the table by a REALTOR but this is not the reason why their vocation is not going to go away. All Realtors out there know that if you put a buyer and seller together directly to try and negotiate a deal on the most important purchase either one of them will ever buy or sell in almost all cases it will not end well. One of the reasons we have a job is that many times perfectly rational down-to-earth people become incredibly irrational when they are plagued by the fear of making a mistake in the biggest purchase they will ever make. Technology may duplicate some of the services that a REALTOR provides. However, technology will never replace a a couple of calm, unbiased, rational people, whose job is to put a fair deal together for the two parties that have hired them.

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