3 more days until Pitch-in!

The weather is doing its part (13 degrees and sunshine for the next few days), now it's your turn to do yours: Pitch-in 2014 starts in 3 days: April 20th - 26th.
If you haven't signed up yet...why not? There is enough trash out there on the roads for everybody to have a bit of fun out in the fresh air and clean up a part of your neighbourhood.

My first team are the Gemmell Road Clean Freaks. We are going to pick up all the trash along Gemmell Road and Roses Bridge Road in Wolford.

Team Merrickville Ride the Rideau will be cleaning up a kilometre long stretch along Highway 43 outside Merrickville. If you see people with bags along the roads, please slow down. They are likely pitching-in...

Fyi: last year we found all kinds of money in the ditch (bills and coins). Just sayin'...  :)

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