Certified Negotiation Expert

I am proud to now hold the designation of Certified Negotiation Expert. I can now negotiate on behalf of my clients knowing that I have a skill set that the majority of other realtors do not posses. 

Negotiation Training for Real Estate

Negotiation is a life skill. When we “negotiate” with someone, we are actually trying to influence or persuade them to agree with or do something. Negotiation training is provided by universities and colleges, as well as by private companies around the world. Corporate America businesses spend millions of dollars on negotiation training each year to ensure the best results are achieved for their companies.

In real estate, negotiation is the fundamental skill necessary for success because real estate agents negotiate in so many different ways:

- With their Broker
- With other agents
- With clients including home buyers and sellers
- With third parties such as home inspectors, appraisers, title companies, etc.
- And FOR clients, which is the most important!

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