Easter Seals Drop Zone

I'm into the final month and a half of fundraising for Easter Seals. For each of the last 4 years I have been participating in The Drop Zone in Ottawa. Participants dress up in superhero costumes, or regular clothes and rappel down the side of a downtown office building!  In order to do that, I must raise a minimum amount of money for Easter Seals. It is sometimes tough to ask people to donate, as so many organizations are in need of help. We get asked for donations often.  I do believe that the money is put to great use. I have seen the staff and equipment at work at one of the summer camps for disabled kids.  That makes it a little easier.  Then there is the rappel....that is difficult sometimes also...stepping backwards over the edge of a very tall building....Yeah, I hesitate! 

It is an opportunity to face a fear, and push personal limits....in a safe environment.  If you are interested in learning more, or in participating as a rappeller, or as a donor...please visit www.thedropzone.ca

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