March Winds A'Blowing - How's Your Roof?

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb is the traditional saying about the month of March.  When the month begins with a storm, tradition has that it will end with spring-like temperatures (or in years when March begins with hints of spring, it ends with a winter roar).
This week, City of Ottawa received approx 20 cm of snow in one day and more continues to fall.  Besides shovelling, you may want to take a moment and look up - at your roof,  This week's snow is extremely heavy and wet which means extra load on the low-pitch (less than 45 degree) roof.  One option is to buy a roof rake,  Looks like a rake used to gather leaves but it has a loooooooooong handle.  You can stand on the ground and rake the snow off the roof.  Of course, you could climb up onto the roof and shovel. However, this can be dangerous to you and also the roof shingles as they may break (if you fall off, you may break too). The third option is to hire a professional to do the job for you - leaving you time to shovel the walkways!   Removing heavy snow form the roof prevents water leaks and collapsed roof.                                                                                                               



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