Pitch-in 2014

Pitch-in Canada 2014 happens on April 20th - 26th in many municipalities across our beautiful country. If you haven't heard about this event in your community, call your townhall to find out or ask to have it.

Pitch-in is a great opportunity for us all to clean up our outdoors. Here is lots more info on this:


I participate in Pitch-in 2014 in my community of Merrickville-Wolford. Together with Team Merrickville Ride the Rideau, we will choose a stretch of road to clean up. If you are interested in participating in this, either contact me at 613-294-3661 or directly go to M-W townhall, where you can sign up and choose your route (in the hallway downstairs).

Pitch-in 2013 Team Merrickville Ride the Rideau

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