Protecting your biggest investment: Spring Home Maintenance and Repair Routine

It’s finally almost here. Spring is so close I can almost taste it in the air. Thankfully, this bitterly cold Winter is just about to get put to bed as Mother Nature eases up on us to give the gift of thawing out. This is the time of year we need to start thinking about getting outside and checking the house and yard for damage and needed repairs- and doubly so after this intense Winter we’ve had.

Your home is likely the biggest investment you have, I know mine is, so it’s crucial to protect that investment with proper seasonal maintenance and repairs. It’s important to have a set plan to keep up with home maintenance throughout the year. Spring and Fall will definitely be the 2 busiest seasons where we can do a whole heck of a lot to keep the property value of our home in the plus column. Get the kids involved in helping, not just for the extra labour, but to show them how important it is to take care of your property so it holds it’s value. Printable checklists are at the end.



  • When the snow and ice have melted away, walk the perimeter of your property with a notebook in hand (let’s be realistic, if you’re anything like me you’ll just talk into your phone and make the list there, but if you’re old school bring something to write with) and make notes on all the obvious stuff. You’re looking for places where the ground may need to be levelled out with a bit of soil, the fence may need to be reinforced or repainted/stained or washed if it’s a vinyl fence. Also have a look to see if any of your shrubs or trees were damaged in the Winter and need some branches removed for safety’s sake. Take photos with your phone if you need to check with a professional about a specific problem.
  • Now walk the perimeter of the house, checking from the ground right up to the roof for and cracks in the foundation, problem areas with the siding or brick, loose shingles etc… Look for loose or moved gutters and downspouts too as they will effect where water flows to. Don’t feel silly getting out a pair of binoculars and checking out those hard to spot areas up on the roof and at the chimney- you need to be able to see the details to know if a problem is developing. If you let those little imperfections go, they can allow moisture into the house in ways that will eventually cause a lot of expensive damage. Might as well nip it in the bud and fix the little stuff for little or no cost before it gets to be big, pricey stuff. Look, even President Obama checks out the condition of the White House roof for Spring maintenance, lol!


  • Keep in mind that folks get to know houses in the neighbourhood and build up a sense of a home and if it is well taken care over time. Every night they walk the dog past your house they are registering information that they will definitely remember when a family member or friends decides to start looking for a house in your neighbourhood. Be remembered as the house that is always well taken care of. Don’t leave old, damaged or dirty patio furniture laying around. Spruce it up with a little rust paint or use a great cleaning product and give it a scrub. Yes, the patio furniture shouldn’t make a difference to future buyers since it doesn’t come with the house but trust me, it makes a difference in how buyers see your home. Fix those holes in the screens and keep some hanging baskets or other flowers around the front of the house to add to your curb appeal.


  • Be a friend to your furnace! Change the filter and consider having the vents cleaned out if you haven’t done these things in a while. I’m often surprised at how few of my friends and family do these simple things that will not only extend the life of your furnace, they also make it way more efficient and clean so you are breathing better air and saving money. Literally nothing bad happens when you take care of your furnace and all kinds of great stuff does yet most people don’t even think about it. Unfortunately, when your furnace stops working on balmy -30 Winter day, and you need to fork out thousands of dollars to replace it, you will deeply regret not doing the easy preventive maintenance the furnace needs. And as much as it is hard to imagine now, you will likely need to turn on the AC in a few weeks time so give that unit and vents a look see too.  If you're not sure how to do this, check out this video from one of my fav DIY youtube channels and watch how easy it is! 
  • Spring Cleaning is more than just a saying. Giving the house the deep clean will also help you notice all those fine detail things that we tend not to see in our homes because they’re there everyday. We’re talking about stains or snags in the carpet, dirt or chipped paint on the baseboards, purple spots on the inside of the cupboard door from that time a few months ago when Jr. shook the grape pop before opening it and you thought you got all the mess but obviously missed a few spots. This is also where we will be able to detect leaky taps, sweating pipes or any other kind of problem that can grow over time.

Click here for a handy dandy printable checklist of Spring Maintenance tasks that will protect your investment in your home:   Basic Spring Maintenance Checklist  or  Comprehensive Spring Maintenance Checklist

Best of luck in your Spring repairs, honestly, I'm so happy this Winter is almost over that I'm actually looking forward to doing the Spring chores!

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