The time is here. Spring, even though as I write this blog it is snowing in Newfoundland, and the weather man is calling for mixed precipitation tomorrow in Ontario.

It is time to “shed everything winter”. Get rid of the extra coverings that keep us cozy on those cold winter Canadian nights and open up the windows to let spring in!

Getting rid of unwanted stuff that you have accumulated because it was too cold to get rid over winter is a great place to start. I always go room by room, doing the usual spring cleaning duties, washing down the walls, laundering the drapes, dusting things that have been missed when we didn’t have enough sunlight to care ;), and making a pile of items that I no longer have a need for.

There was a time when these items would end up in the dump or in another pile for the ‘yearly yard-sale”, but not now . . . Now they end up online, at one of those websites for used items. Kijiji, used Ottawa, and on group sale pages on Facebook.

I will have to admit it, I am a Kijiji junkie. I have bought and sold many items on this great site over the past few years, and I currently have about 20 saved searches for things I would like to buy.

Having my morning coffee, I am not watching the news on television; I am scanning the matches that came to my inbox over night. What gems will I find? What deals can I get? And of course “well if they can get that amount for that thing, I’m selling mine too . . . after all I never use it”!

Here is to spring cleaning! Shedding all that is winter and welcoming all that is spring!

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