Spring is finally here!

Looks like Spring has finally arrived in Eastern Ontario. With it, we see new listings of properties for sale coming up all over the place. Here are some things you should make sure to check before the first prospective buyer shows up at your doorstep:
- snow is thankfully no longer hiding all the stuff on your lawn! Make sure you pick up all the things that aren't supposed to be there (garbage, signs that a dog lives here, etc).

- if the your flower beds need work, make sure you spend some time on this.

- step away from your house and look at it with critical eyes: if someone new was just getting out of the car and looked at the house, would it be seen as attractive? Curb-appeal makes a big difference. It's the first impression of the property.

- inside the house: check all light fixtures for burned-out light bulbs. This really sticks out on the photos. I for one can't look at anything else if there is a burned-out lightbulb in a photo... it's a very quick fix. If there are more than 1 lightbulb per fixture, make sure they all give the same colour of light.

- fix leaky toilets and faucets (this will actually save a lot of water)

- remove all personal pictures or photos from all walls or surfaces. This can be very distracting to your prospective buyers. Pack them all away, you will need to move them soon anyways.

- look at all fixtures (attached to the wall or ceiling). Are there any you just can not part with? If any of them are special to you, might as well replace them with something else now (for instance bathroom mirror, or light fixtures).

- any walls should be repaired and painted. Check the flooring to see if it needs work. Are the seal in any of the windows broken (appears foggy in between panes). There are people who can fix this. Broken glass should be replaced.

- Tidy up every room in the house. Keep on top of laundry. Makes beds. Wash dishes.

- These are great sales tools in preparation for a sale:

          - pre-home inspection ($350-$450)

          - pump out of septic

          - WETT inspection for any wood-burning appliance

          - professional staging (I also have a great book on this I'll be happy to lend you)

If you have any questions or need help with getting your property ready for sale, just get in touch with me at silvia@ripnet.com




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