The kids are back in school

O.K. , now that the kids are back at school and life is back to what you might call normal, now you can get back to concentrating on finding that new house. With the kids needing a place to study and that one more bedroom that you know your family needs, what better time to be house hunting than the fall? The market is bursting with inventory and mortgage rates are great! It is also the last opportunity you will have to get moved in to a house before Christmas.

When house hunting it is a good practice to carry two things, 1- a camera   2- note paper.

The camera is to take pictures of houses you are looking at. The first picture should be of the street name and address so you will remember what property you are looking at. The other pictures should be of areas of the house that you like and don't like. Most people remember things differently. You may think that the house on ABC Street had a pool while your husband insists that it did not. The camera will settle the dispute.

The note paper should have two columns, one that reads NEEDS and the other that reads WANTS. Write out both your wants and needs under the appropriate columns.You may be surprised to find which house is really the best fit for your family.


Happy house hunting!

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