We're Recruiting - Why choose Century 21 Explorer Realty Inc.?

Why ask us?  Read what some Century 21 Explorer Sales People have said about our firm.

By Email:

Dear Brenda,

I thought it about time that I thank you for all the help that you and Century 21 Explorer Realty Inc. have given me over the past two + years.  As a new agent, I found that preparing for the unknown world of real estate was both exciting and scary at the same time. OREA courses to take, the Fusion and then Matrix systems to learn, getting to know the other Realtors and support staff of what was at the time 5 Century 21 Explorer offices and learning the Buffini system. All of this and, oh, meeting clients, listing and selling properties, building a data base. The support and guidance I received from Ralph, you and ALL who work within our organization was exemplary. I can't possibly imagine any other brokerage that would have taken the time and devoted as much energy to the nurturing of a new agent.  The in-house training that Century 21 Explorer provides it's agents is, in my opinion, one of the many qualities that sets this company apart from it's competitors.  Thank you once again for the guidance you have and continue to provide me as I navigate through this world we call real estate.  

~David Cousineau, Sales Representative

By Text: 

"So a funny/weird/yaaa moment. Yesterday I sat down a wrote out my goals for the year (terribly behind) and I got 3 calls since then. Hopefully one pans out. Off to the races ... Thanks for the motivation."

~Sheena Stewart, Sales Representative

By Email:

Dear Brenda/Ralph,

I want to send you a note to let you know that I am quite impressed with Century 21 Explorer.  As usual, the thought of all the changes that need to be made with brokerage changes was a worry at first, but I feel as though I have gained an abundance of energy and support.

If someone were to ask me how I feel about Century 21 Explorer, I feel confident being able to tell them that our company is out to help you do 100% and you feel good about your efforts no matter what level you are at.  Whether you are just starting out or have been in the profession for years, the dedicated training exists in groups and individually as needed.

Having been in real estate since 1989, I have experience with different companies - a couple with the Century 21 Brand.  I can attest number one, that the Century 21 brand has always been a great brand to work for; and number two, that the assistance and support with Century 21 Explorer is current with the trend of organized real estate, marketing, advertising, and social media.  I have to say that it might be hard to believe for some people, but I do miss the “gold” jacket!

Thank you for your help and support.


par email: 

Cher Brenda/Ralph,

Juste quelque mots pour vous dire combien j’apprecie Century21 Explorer. Au debut je doutais un peu du nouveau changement, maintenant j’apprecie l’energie et le support que vous m’avez donner. Si quelqu’un me demanderais mon experience, je suis confidente a 100% que notre compagnie est la pour nous aider, peut importe le niveau d’experience du debut a la fin de notre carrierre. La formation est sans precedente soit en groupe ou individuel selon les besoins. Depuis le debut de ma carriere en1989, j’ai eu l’experience de travalier pour differentes companies, deux avec le Century 21 logo qui a toujours ete numero 1 pour moi, le marketing, le media et tout le materiel a notre disposition est exceptional.  J’irais meme a dire que leur “ gold “ veston est genial, le support et respect que je recois avec Century21 Explorer est vraiment special.

Merci de votre aide and support c’est grandement apprecier