Build It and They Will Come.

Carleton Place is about to experience it's largest and fastest growth in it's history. "Build it and they will come" must have been the motto for companies the likes of Home Depot, Rona, Starbucks, A&W, Harveys, McDonalds, Wallmart, Marks Work Warehouse, MItchells Independent Grocers, Canadian Tire, Subway, TD Bank, Royal Bank, Scotia Bank, CIBC, Bulk Barn, Bean Chevrolet, March Ford, Turpin Kia, Motorhouse, The Cheddar Stop etc.... They are the lucky ones smart enough to get in early.

The world has been watching the beautiful town of Carleton Place. Watching to see if big business would embrace the unique features that make Carleton Place so special. Features like it's close proximity to Ottawa (approximately 20 minutes). The fact that the Mississippi River runs through the heart of this town. A town without polluting industry. Well guess what, big business has embraced our little town of 10,000 people (47,000 market area).  

With all these new businesses comes the need for a lot more housing. Infill, flippers and new home builders are gobbling up property like crazy. There are over two thousand new homes approved for construction with some builders with shovels in the ground as we speak! With the average household having a least 3 people our small town of Carleton Place is bracing itself to almost double in population. Not to worry though, our infrastructure has been and is being updated to accommodate the growth. Forward thinking by our local politicians has made this growth possible.

Come out and buy or rent a piece of Carleton Place while it is still undervalued. Ten years from now you will wish you had.

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