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West Jasper Place

The West Jasper Place neighbourhood is located in the west-central part of what used to be the Town of Jasper Place. In addition to the West Jasper Place neighbourhood, the Town of Jasper Place originally encompassed the area that now includes: the Britannia, Youngstown, Canora, Elmwood, Glenwood, High Park, High Park Industrial, Huff Bremner Estate Industrial, Lynnwood, West Jasper Place, West Meadowlark Park, West Sheffield Industrial, Sherwood, Stone Industrial, West Meadowlark Park, West Sheffield Industrial, Westlawn (now park of Glenwood), and Youngstown Industrial neighbourhoods. Prior to urban development the area was homesteaded by Henry Goodridge, a farmer and Edmonton Town Councillor between 1901 and 1902.

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