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Windsor Park

When the Edmonton Settlement was first surveyed, the area now called Windsor Park neighbourhood was River Lot 3 and in 1882 it was owned and farmed by Allan Omand. The neighbourhood became part of Edmonton in 1912 when Edmonton and the City of Strathcona amalgamated. The Windsor Park Subdivision was created in 1911, just prior to amalgamation during the land booms in the early part of the century. In 1911, the site immediately to the east (River Lot 5) became the campus of the University of Alberta. In spite of this early start, most of the area remained undeveloped until the 1940s and 1950s when it was partially resubdivided and developed. In 1955, construction of the Groat Road Bridge improved access to central Edmonton. Windsor Park is almost exclusively a neighbourhood of single-detached housing.

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