5 Ways to get your Home 'Winter Ready'

Tip #1: Clean the Gutters
Your gutters can get filled with a lot of debris, especially leaves. It’s important to clean these out so that they don’t block water from flowing through the gutters. Eventually this can lead to ice dams when snow is melting and will sit on your roof with nowhere to go but inside your home. 
Tip #2: Check Your Furnace
When was the last time you had any maintenance done your furnace? The longer it goes without you performing maintenance the more likely it will break down. At the very least you should replace the filter in your furnace before getting it up and running for the winter.
Tip #3: Turn Off Outdoor Taps
This is an important step when getting your home ready for winter. You don’t want it freezing over and having a pipe burst. Sounds like an easy way to ruin your holidays! So turn off all the taps outside your home and make sure you’ve drained any water the was sitting in them.
Tip #4: A little Caulk Goes a Long Way
Windows and doors can be some of the biggest heat loss areas in your home. So take the time and re-caulk your windows so that they are sealed properly. This will help prevent some heat loss. So not only will you be warmer but your heating bill will go down as well. Sounds like a win-win!
Tip #5: Programmable Thermostat
How old is your thermostat? It may be time to upgrade. Programmable thermostats are great. It’s definitely worth considering as the winter approaches. It can save you money.

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