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Ask me how to earn AIR MILES® reward miles when you buy or sell a home through me.


CENTURY 21 Base Offer Terms and Conditions: 

  • Earn 2 AIR MILES reward miles for every $1000 of property value bought or sold through a participating CENTURY 21 office to a maximum of 1500 reward miles per transaction. When selling a property, your home must be listed with a CENTURY 21 office to be eligible to earn reward miles. Only buyers represented by a CENTURY 21 office will be eligible to earn reward miles. To inquire about earning reward miles on your next real estate transaction or the status of the earned reward miles on a previous transaction, contact your CENTURY 21 office directly. A CENTURY 21 office has no obligation to issue reward miles more than 12 months after the closing date of your transaction. Visit Century21.ca for the office nearest you.




Hi!  .....My name is Farhat Asif, and I have been providing my clients with expert Real Estate Advice and Service. I would love to be your source for Oakville, Mississauga, Milton  Regional Municipality Real Estate!

I have a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to servicing my clients. My background includes sales, sales management, marketing, customer relations and negotiations. Experience has taught me that if you treat your clients with respect, understand their needs and work with them to achieve their goals, they will be loyal clients for life. I have carried this philosophy over to my career in Real Estate. I truly enjoy assisting my clients in achieving their housing needs.

Whether you are a first time buyer or an experienced home owner planning a change, I can help you. I have the experience and market knowledge necessary to assure you a successful conclusion to your sale or purchase.

The process of Buying or Selling a home can be quite involved and stressful. The task of a Licensed Realtor® is to make it an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Sit back, enjoy the experience and leave the rest to me.

I am committed to helping you through the complex & sometimes intimidating process of negotiating price, financing, terms, conditions, possession date, and the inclusion or exclusion of repairs, and ALL the other details that can be somewhat overwhelming, in order to complete a successful purchase or sale of a home.
You can now look forward to a smooth, stress-free & enjoyable real estate transaction, as I will be taking care of all the details with honesty and integrity.My primary focus is to exceed your expectations.  I would be proud to be of assistance in serving all of your Real Estate needs. I look forward to meeting you!!

As your real estate agent I owe you the duty of utmost care, confidentiality and loyalty.  I will disclose all pertinent information and facts regarding the sale or purchase of your home therefore reducing your risks.Every day in real estate is different, but with each new day brings an opportunity to make a positive difference in someone’s life, and I thank you for the opportunity!

If you see a listing out there....contact me and I would be more than happy to help you! Working with just one agent is key to making all your dreams come true! 

If you have questions or would like to get any information call 647-200-2200 ,905-997-7653 Ext 200 or email  homeulove2@gmail.comfarhat.asif@century21.ca , other website: www.home-u-love.com


Education and Organizations


Member of Toronto Real Estate Board

Member of Ontario Real Estate Association

Member of Canadian Real Estate Association

Member of Ontario Real Estate Network

Member of Real Estate in Canada

Member of Reliable Realtors Referals Network Canada

Member of Treb's Young Professional Network


Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Banking and Finance Diploma

Canadian Securities Institute

Mutual Funds, Canadian Securities course, Risk Analysis


Real Estate License,Selling and Buying Homes

Real Estate as a Professional Career

Land,Structures and Real Estate Trading

The Real Estate Transaction-General and The Residential Real Estate Transaction

The Commercial Real Estate Transaction

Real Property Law

Principles of Mortgage Financing


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Mistake #1.  Not Getting Pre-Qualified for a Mortgage

Before looking for your next home take the time to get pre-qualified by the bank or mortgage broker you choose.  This can save you hours of searching for homes in the wrong price range or worse, purchasing a home and then finding out you don’t qualify for financing.  Pre-qualifying gives you peace of mind, helps narrow your search criteria and most importantly, gives us a negotiating edge by being able to alleviate the sellers concern over financing. The latter is especially important should a competing offer surface.

Mistake #2.  Not Shopping For Mortgage Terms

Rates are negotiable! Banks will sharpen their pencils to get your business especially if you have a good credit rating and bring other business to them e.g. RRSP’s, general account, savings etc. Posted rates should be viewed as a starting point. You need to know what the best rate is and this is usually done by getting competitive quotes. Also, ask whether the bank will cover appraisal fees, and about buy-out fees, penalties, payment options, portability etc.  The time spent can save you thousands of dollars over the life of the mortgage.

Mistake #3.  Not Getting Professional Inspections

Nobody wants to purchase a home only to find out later there are defects, latent or otherwise.  Ensure you obtain inspections where needed e.g. home inspection, structural engineer, insect, radon etc.  If the inspection identifies deficiencies you may be able to negotiate the purchase price to cover required repairs or make your satisfaction of the inspection subject to the homeowner remedying the problem. We can advise you on inspections you should consider.

Mistake #4.  Not Using A Professional Real Estate Agent.

We will help you make a purchase with the least amount of problems.  We will ensure the price you pay is market value.  We will offer expert advice on what to look for, conditions to include, negotiation strategy etc. After all, we work for you!

Mistake #5.  Buying First Before Selling

If price is important you should always sell your present home before buying another.  It has the advantage in letting you know exactly how much money you will have available for your next purchase.  Selling your home first allows you to place fewer conditions on your purchase which makes your offer more attractive to a seller.  Sellers will often demand more money to accept a “conditional” offer which takes their home off the market.  The other advantage is if you find a terrific house, chances are others will also find it attractive and you stand to lose it if you can’t make an unconditional offer.

Mistake #6. Not Knowing The Full Cost Of Home Buying

Know all the costs associated with your purchase.  Consider the following costs:   legal fees, transfer tax, property taxes, new home landscaping, fencing, appliances, window coverings. See more in our 'Buyers' section of this site under 'Buyers Costs'.



Buyers Costs for buying House:

Buying your first home is an exciting process. You determined how much home you can afford, you saved your down payment, you and your REALTOR found the perfect home and your offer was accepted. While the purchase price of your home is the largest cost you will encounter, there are other costs to prepare for when buying a home.

It’s a good idea to budget some extra cash to cover the cost of obtaining a mortgage and “closing” your real estate transaction. Here are some of the extra cost items you should consider:

Appraisal fee 
Mortgage lenders will usually loan a percentage of the home’s purchase price or the market appraisal of the property, whichever is lower. The appraisal is either done by someone on the lender’s staff or by an outside professional approved by the lender. The cost of the appraisal is most often the responsibility of the home buyer. Ask your mortgage broker if this cost will apply, and if so, what the cost will be to you.

Application fee 
Find out whether or not your lending institution charges to process your mortgage application. In many cases, if you are dealing with a bank that you have other accounts with, they may waive the application fee.

Land survey fee
Lenders may require a plot plan or survey of the property you intend to buy. On properties located in subdivisions in urban areas, lenders will often accept an existing survey, depending on when it was done. However, if there is no existing survey, be prepared to pay a substantial fee for a new survey. Title insurance is available through your lawyer to protect you against any boundary issues should a survey be unavailable.

Home inspection fee
Many homebuyers choose to have a home inspection done prior to finalizing their offer to purchase. Some lenders require a professional home inspection as well.  The cost is typically between $350-$450

Legal fees
You will need to pay your lawyer to arrange your mortgage as well as for “disbursements” such as title search, drawing up the title deed and preparing and registering the mortgage. Typically between $800-$1000

Land transfer tax
This tax is payable by anyone who purchases property in Ontario. A REALTOR or lawyer can help you calculate how much tax you will pay on your purchase. Rough estimate is approximately 1% of the purchase price.

If you are buying a new home, you will be required to pay the Harmonized Sales Tax on the price of your home but there is a government rebate available. Ask your REALTOR for the details. HST does not apply to most resale homes.

CMHC Insurance
There are several types of insurance that may be required when buying your home. If you are arranging a “high-ratio” mortgage (less than 25% down payment) you will need to purchase mortgage insurance. Your REALTOR can estimate the costs for you.  Mortgage lenders require you to carry fire and extended coverage insurance that exceeds the amount of the outstanding balance of the buildings. Other insurance you may want to consider include title insurance and life insurance.

Other costs
You will likely have to make property tax adjustments and interest adjustments on utility bills, heating oil etc. Ask your REALTOR to explain these additional costs so you have no surprises on closing day.

Maintenance and utility costs
Finally, be sure to budget for heating, electricity, water and any immediate renovations you may have planned. It’s a good idea to put aside any spare cash and contribute regularly to a maintenance fund so you will be prepared for any repairs or upgrades you need to make along the way.


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