The city of London Affordable Housing program is available again until March 31 or until the funds are depleted. Below are the most important pieces of information about the program:

1.  You must be 18

2.  You must be a renter in London

3.  Maximum household income cannot exceed $55,000

4.  Purchase Price cannot exceed $145,000

5.  You will receive 5% for the down payment as well as 3% cashback for closing costs/legal fees

6.  Cannot have owned a home in the past or be currently living with someone that does own a home.


This is a great program and if you are interested, please let me know. The monies do not last long, and with today’s low rates, 3 year fixed at 2.89%, 4 year fixed at 2.99% and 5 year fixed at 3.29%, this is a win win situation for first time home buyers,

Olha Frankiv

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