A Guide to selling your Home in London, Ontario - Step 5 continued

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Now that you have made your property look its best, you want as many qualified buyers as possible to see it.

In other words, you want to get the word out. To everyone.

These days, marketing requires more than an MLS® listing and lawn sign. You need a strategic action plan to promote your listing so that all the right buyers find out about it, get excited about it, and — most importantly — come to see it.


Homes that sell fast and for a top price tend to use a combination of the following:


  • MLS® A detailed listing on the largest database of available real estate. 
  • Photos A picture really can paint a thousand words so be sure to have professional photos that compliment each room and feature. 
  • Video A behind the scenes, online look at your home and neighbourhood. More than 1 in 5 buyers will watch such videos when searching for a home. 
  • Websites Over 90% of buyers start their home search online.4 A great agent will ensure your home is showcased on as many websites as possible. 
  • Social Facebook and YouTube have the largest user base, but Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest are gaining ground. 



  • Prospecting - Great agents tap into their network of eager buyers and proactively call or door knock neighbourhoods to discover potential new buyers.  
  •  Feature Sheets - Great photos, inspiring descriptions in professional take-away form are a great reminder for viewers who are still deciding.  
  • Open Houses - A good way to showcase your home to agents and potential buyers.  
  • Print - Print ads in local newspapers are not as effective as they once were but they are still used today. Postcard drops informing the local area of a new listing are also an option.  

And that’s just a partial list!


It’s unfortunate when a home doesn’t sell because a qualified buyer never finds out about it — and ends up purchasing a competing listing. But that happens every day. 

Don’t let it happen to you. Work with a great agent who can create the right plan for selling your home.


The Power of Promotion  

The higher the number of qualified buyers who find out about your listing, the more likely you are to sell at a top price.

Poorly promoted listing.Few qualified buyers find out about it. 

Moderately promoted listing.- About 50% of qualified buyers find out about it. 

Expertly promoted listing. Nearly 100% of qualified buyers find out about it. 


Need Help? Want some initial ideas on how to get qualified buyers flocking to see your home? I can help. Give me a call.  226-926-7776 


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To get the complete printable ebook A ROADMAP TO SELLING YOUR HOME click here

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